Watch the Vulcan fly near Market Harborough on its national tour

The Vulcan XH558
The Vulcan XH558

People in Market Harborough may get the chance to see the Vulcan as it flies by during its national tour this weekend.

The XH558 will take-off on two large orbital tours of the country and it will be flying close to Market Harborough as it makes its way from Wellesbourne to Bruntingthorpe on Sunday afternoon (October 11).

The Vulcan’s team is unable to provide specific flight times but spectators can follow @XH558 on Twitter for live updates.

The southern route should include RAF Waddington, Rutland Water, North Weald Airfield, Gravesend, Herne Bay, Manston, Dover, Ashford, Dunsfold, Farnborough, Middle Wallop, Old Sarum, Bristol Airport, Filton, Cardiff Airport, St. Athan, Staverton Glos Airport, RAF Brize Norton, Wellesbourne, Bruntingthorpe and Newark.

With flight times expected to be over three and a half hours each day, the team has said it will have to consider the limits of fuel-load and the comfort of its flight crews in very cramped and high workload conditions.

As the final few flights approach, the team has warned that the chances of seeing the XH558 take-off and land will be slim.

There are no plans for any displays or repeated circuits over the airfield and the aircraft will come straight-in to land on her return.

The police and emergency services, local authorities and the airports are aware of growing issues surround the flight. There is great risk of severe restrictions being imposed on the flight operations if matters persist and the team said it needs to minimise the risk of enforced flight cancellations on the grounds of public safety.

Police Supt Rollitt said: “Although I understand the passion of the supporters of the Vulcan, over the past few months as we approach its final flights, more and more spectators have turned up at events where the Vulcan has been.

“This has started to overwhelm local authorities and emergency services.

“My first priority is ensuring the safety of all road users and local communities.

“Doncaster airport is a small commercial airport that can accommodate its passengers, however the infrastructure around it cannot accommodate a large influx of people hoping to see the Vulcan.

“The Vulcan trust have worked with us to satisfy the safety issue by providing a flight timetable to ensure that members of the public will get see the final flights from other vantage points around the country.”