Warm weather sparks ozone warning in Market Harborough

Today’s hot weather has sparked an ozone level warning for Market Harborough from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Ground level ozone readings for the town have exceeded the EU ozone public information threshold of 180 ug/m3 this afternoon (Wednesday), with Harborough registering 181 ug/m3,

Defra says people with lung disease, children, the elderly and people who are active outdoors may be particularly sensitive to ozone and could suffer respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and throat irritation.

People with asthma are not necessarily more sensitive but, if affected, can use an inhaler to alleviate symptoms. Anyone affected is urged to take sensible precautions such as reducing strenuous exercise.

Defra said that some areas of pollution are expected tomorrow and Friday with levels returning to low on Saturday and Sunday. Afternoons are when ozone levels are likely to be highest.

Further information on health advice can be found here http://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/air-pollution/daqi