Village’s playground equipment is stolen

The Dunston Bassett playground
The Dunston Bassett playground

New play equipment has been stolen from a village playing field.

The equipment was taken from the playing field off Main Street, Dunton Bassett, north of Lutterworth.

The theft was discovered when a villager carried out a routine check last week.

Missing equipment includes the roofs of climbing platforms, the rope bridge between the platforms and steps (pictured above).

“We think the equipment was taken last Tuesday night (June 16) said parish councillor Clare Hurford.

“It’s just parts of the equipment that have been stolen, but it has ruined the playground, which is used a lot by local children.”

Parish council chairman Alex Mofford added: “The equipment was carefully dismantled, then must have been carried down a narrow passage to a vehicle on Main Street.

“The police have been informed, but the theft is very upsetting for the kids.”

Villagers recently spent more than £2,000 on new equipment for the playground.