UPDATED WITH CCTV VIDEO: ‘Benny Hill’ burglars leave empty-handed in ram raid

“Benny Hill” ram raiders hit a jewellers shop in Market Harborough this week.

Two raiders carrying plastic bin bags got inside Denhams jewellers, on the corner of The Square and Adam and Eve Street, after using a car to break through the shop’s front door.

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-170305-103214005

But after blundering around the darkened shop, bumping into each other and failing to break into the shop’s locked, toughened glass cabinets, the two men drove off empty-handed.

“Honestly if you see the CCTV footage, it’s like something out of Benny Hill” said the relieved shop owner Sarah Stamp.

“There’s damage to the doors, but we were going to replace those anyway.

“We’re in the process of having new doors made after the last attempted break-in at this shop.

“Thank goodness they didn’t break into any cabinets or window displays, and so nothing has been stolen. I know we were very, very lucky.”

The bungled ram raid happened at 1.05am on Tuesday, May 2.

The alarm was raised by a local resident who lives above a nearby shop and heard the thump of the door being driven down by the raiders, the Mail understands.

Harborough police contacted Sarah at about 1.30am on Tuesday to confirm that the town premises had been entered.

The car used in the ram raid has since been found abandoned in Great Bowden, just outside Market Harborough.

Police are appealing for anyone who has information about the ram raid, or saw anything, to contact them on the 101 number.