UPDATE: Stag stolen from Harborough district garden

The stag in the back of the car
The stag in the back of the car

This life-sized stag made of bronze and needing four men to lift it has been stolen from a Harborough district garden.

The stag was taken last night (Thurs) from the garden at Horninghold Hall, Horninghold, which is about 11 miles north-east of Market Harborough.

The stag before it was stolen

The stag before it was stolen

CCTV footage shows two men loading it onto the back of a convertible car at 2.44am on Friday morning and driving off with it in the direction of Hallaton.

The stag was bought as a wedding present by Jayne Webb for her husband Peter about 18 years ago.

Jayne told the Mail today (Fri): "I thought I was going mad when I looked out of the window this morning, and saw it had gone.

"It's a life-sized stag and it was concreted in to the garden. It's an unbelievable thing to move.

"Thieves cut through a fence, including a Leylandii tree to get into the garden, and then sawed through the metal rods that secured the stag, that were concreted in.

The couple looked through CCTV film to watch the theft being carried out.

"The thieve just drive off with the stag sticking out of the back of the car" said Jayne.

Anyone who knows anything about the theft should contact Harborough police on 101.