Update: Body found on Harborough district road feared to be missing jeweller

Gaulby Lane, Stoughton
Gaulby Lane, Stoughton

Business partner fears body discovered on road could be missing jeweller

The body of a man found dumped in a country lane is feared to be 74-year-old businessman Ramnik Jogiya who vanished after locking up his jewellery shop.

Photo by Peter Fothergill

Photo by Peter Fothergill

Police were called to Gaulby Lane, Stoughton, east of Leicester, shortly after 10am on Thursday, January 25, following the discovery of a man's body. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Mr Jogiya runs Vama Collections on Belgrave Road in Leicester which was targeted by a raider on Wednesday night.

Milesh Amhta, 56, who runs the imitation jewellery section of the business, was called at 8pm after Mr Jogiya's worried family phoned to say he had not come home.

Police at the scene. Photo by Peter Fothergill

Police at the scene. Photo by Peter Fothergill

CCTV from a shop opposite apparently showed Mr Jogiya locking up the shop at 7.30pm but minutes later a masked man was seen breaking in.

The video - which was viewed by Mr Amhta and Mr Jogiya's family - showed the raider disabling the alarm before leaving empty-handed.

Father-of-three Mr Jogiya, who was due to retire within weeks, has not been seen since.

Mr Amhta said: "The family phoned me to say that he hadn't come home at the time that he normally would.

"I went to the shop straight away, and the door was unlocked, which was a bit odd.

"His wife was with me too, as well as his sisters, and I went to see if I could see anything on there to indicate where he went.

"In the meantime, his family called the police and they started to look round the shop and at the CCTV in search of any clues.

"On the footage, we saw him leaving the shop at 7.30pm, which is when he would normally leave and he locked the door behind him like every day.

"I was just thinking, 'How was the door open when I came?'

"But about ten minutes later on the footage, someone wearing a mask opened the door with the keys, and knew exactly how to turn off the alarm.

"He went to the back of the store, presumably to empty the safe which is locked, and obviously this guy didn't know how to open it because he left without anything.

"He was only there for 30 seconds or so, and then he came back and left the shop.

"We don't know what happened, but I haven't seen Mr Jogiya since. His family must be very concerned.

"He has three sons who were all in their 30s and live locally, who are worried about him.

"He had been running the shop for a long time, and was planning to sell his part of the business in a few months so that he could retire.

"His business partner died a few months ago, and Mr Jogiya told me that that section of the shop will be my responsibility in a few months.

"The shop is now closed as the police are investigating to find out what has happened to him."