Try to find your way out of rugby-themed maze

Try to find your way out of Wistow Maze
Try to find your way out of Wistow Maze

With England hosting this year’s Rugby World Cup, Leicestershire’s famous Wistow Maze is joining in the fun.

Created in the shape of a rugby player scoring a try, the maze has been designed to test visitors’ knowledge on a variety of sports that originated in the UK.

Opening this year today (Saturday), the Wistow Maze features more than three miles of intricate pathways carved through eight acres of living corn, with bridges and towers giving unrivalled 3D panoramic views.

Owner Diana Brooks said: “Three matches are being played in Leicester and we want visitors to join in the excitement and patriotic fervor of this tournament, whilst exercising both mind and body along the way.”

She added: “The challenge for visitors is to find 12 quiz boards hidden among the three miles of pathways. Each quiz board features a different sport along with a multiple choice question, combined with an array of interesting facts and figures on how and when these sports first originated in this country.”

As well as the challenge of this giant maze, visitors can test their skills on a variety of mini mazes and games in the Activity Funyard, which includes a space hopper track, hoopla and a football shooting game.

The maze attracts moe than 15,000 visitors each year and is a winner of Leicestershire’s “Best Visitor Attraction” award.

At the end of each season, the maze is harvested for cattle fodder and then redesigned the following spring using GPS satellite technology.

The maze is open seven days a week until Sunday, September 6, and then weekends only until Sunday, September 20. It is open from 10am to 6pm.

Tickets cost £5.50 for a child, £6.50 for an adult and £22 for two adults and two children.

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