Thousands suffer in silence

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A Harborough based hearing clinic has advised sufferers of deafness in the town to consider seeking treatment for the condition and not suffer in silence.

The Hearing Centre, based at Archway Health Hub in Lubenham Hill, says there could be 4,000 people in the Harborough area alone who are suffering from hearing problems.

The clinic is hoping that people will take notice of Deaf Awareness Week, which began on Monday, May 15, and ends on Monday, May 22, and aims to highlight the impact on those who suffer from hearing loss.

“It is so important for people to get treatment as soon as they notice the signs of hearing loss,” explains Claire Marshall, senior audiologist at The Hearing Centre.

“Untreated hearing loss can lead to a lower quality of life, including a risk of loneliness and depression, due to problems communicating. The earlier it’s treated, the better”

Signs of hearing loss include ringing in the ears, difficulty in eliminating background noises, relying on lip reading or having technology set to the highest volume. By not treating the condition, research shows a greater risk of mental health issues than the general population.

By 2035, it is predicted that the number of people suffering with deafness in the UK will have risen by 40 per cent, from 11 million to 15.6 million. The rise has been attributed to the UK’s ageing population as age-related hearing loss remains the most common form of deafness.