Thieves try to steal lead from church but find none there

Thieves damaged a church roof in the Harborough area when they climbed onto the building in an attempt to steal lead but came away empty-handed.

Police believe the thieves targeted St Helen’s Church in Great Oxendon sometime between 3pm on Wednesday, December 17, and 2pm on Christmas Eve. Northants Police released the information on Monday.

It is believed thieves climbed onto the building with the aim of stealing valuable lead but as the church has no lead on its roof, they simply damaged the building.

The church’s rector, the Rev Mary Garbutt, said: “We noticed that some metal on the roof of the church porch had been rolled up. But it wasn’t taken away, because someone realised it wasn’t lead, but a metal substitute.”

Police are linking the incident with a laead theft at nearby Market Harborough Golf Club, in Great Oxendon Road, which happened between December 18-19.