Telegraph pole crashes into Harborough office

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Workers at a Harborough office had a lucky escape after a telegraph pole toppled over and crashed against their roof.

The incident happened at Filter Designs, off Farndon Road, Market Harborough, last Friday morning.

The pole came to rest against the office’s roof, narrowly missing one of the company’s employees, who had been outside at the time.

And at another nearby company, Roy Hubbard Motors, a spokesman said: “We reported the pole was leaning before Christmas; the pole didn’t just go from 90 degrees to falling down.

“We contacted BT and spoke to an engineer, but nothing was done.”

James Carpenter, managing director at another nearby firm, Doro Tape, also confirmed the pole had been “rotten at the bottom”.

Simon Callis, managing director at Filter Designs, told the Mail: “The telegraph pole had been leaning for a while, with the cabling dangling.

“A DFS lorry caught the cabling and the pole came down because it was rotten.

“It made quite a bang.”

Mr Callis said he understood three town companies had reported the leaning pole.

“It was potentially very dangerous,” said Mr Callis.

“And BT should have known it was an issue before it fell down.”