Teaching football in Fiji on volunteering trip

Harborough man Aaron Eason has spent six months volunteering in Fiji
Harborough man Aaron Eason has spent six months volunteering in Fiji

A Harborough man has spent six months on a remote Fijian island teaching sports to young schoolchildren there.

Aaron Eason left his job at Caffe Nero in the town in February this year to undertake the project with a charity called Think Pacific.

He jetted to a remote island called Koro Island, where he was part of a team of 17 volunteers living in two island villages.

Aaron said the experience was very valuable.

He added: “The best part of it all was the children who, although living in poverty, are the happiest children I’ve ever met.

“We predominantly taught primary school children going in as teaching assistants to start, to share our own educational ideas with the teachers there but quickly began taking our own lessons.

“My favourite was being able to teach the children about space as the island had no electricity and no form of light pollution so the sky was stunning.

“We taught sports in the evenings, rugby was their sport and football was mine so it was a struggle to get them interested at first but they soon took to it. I, on the other hand, couldn’t quite grasp rugby even though I put on 10kg of weight.

“We went spear fishing on the coral reefs, pig hunting in the bush, jumped off waterfalls and visited the plantations where all their food is grown.”

Aaron said the thing he will miss most about the island is the Fijian people, who he said were very welcoming and appreciative.

From Fiji, he has travelled to Australia to work, and is planning to continue travelling around the globe.