Students’ work goes on display

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Harborough students are grabbing their chance to show off their artistic talents, with their work now on display at a gallery in the town.

The work of more than 30 students from Welland Park Academy is being featured at Quinns Bookshop and Gallery in Three Crowns Yard, off High Street.

School head of design and technology Kathy Dare had the idea to showcase students’ work in the gallery when she visited the shop recently.

She approached the bookshop manager Beverly Wilkin and owner Chris Ladkin, who backed the idea.

School art teacher Mrs Stewart-Nash said: “We had such a fantastic response from parents and students at the launch, I was very proud of all my students and their artwork.

“The pupils’ work not only shows their creativity but also seemed at home on the wall of an art gallery.”

The school selected two groups of artwork to exhibit – one from Year 7 students’ experiences during an arts enrichment day, in which they explored the art of Zentangle, which is a unique artistic design with hundreds of variations, starting with basic patterns then creating their own.

A range of work produced by Year 9 students throughout this year was also selected to illustrate their creative use of various media and styles inspired by artists such as Stephen Wiltshire, Damian Hirst and Marion Bolognesi.

The work of 34 students is featured – including pencil drawings, pastel, watercolour, hot wax on canvas, stain glass painting, string art and sculpture.

The exhibition runs until August 29 and entrance is free.

Artwork from various established district artists is also on display.