Still no start date for Harborough’s new hospital


An NHS delegation brought more bad news on Market Harborough’s long-delayed new hospital, when they met councillors last week.

District councillors were told there was now no official start date for the project.

Cllr Phil Knowles, who has been leading the hospital campaign for the past 28 years described the latest delays as being “beyond belief”.

“More evidence of over promising and under delivering on this scheme by the NHS” he said.

“They continue to fail to meet even their own self imposed deadlines. I made it very plain and clear at last week’s meeting that the community are furious and we simply won’t sit back and let this happen.”

Cllr Knowles has called on the Secretary of State to get involved, and Simon Stevens the CEO of NHS England to take a personal interest.

“When I met top NHS bosses in Cambridge last December, confirmation was given of time lines” said Cllr Knowles. “Now after yet more delays we don’t even have a start date.

“The NHS may think we will simply accept this mess but I can tell them, we most certainly will not.”