St John Ambulance needs new volunteers

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A St John Ambulance volunteer who helped treat a motorcycle paramedic who was involved in a crash two years ago is backing a call for more people to join the charity as first-aiders.

The charity is particularly recruiting in the Lutterworth area and is urging people in the town and surrounding villages to come forward and potentially save a life.

Mark Bass, from Broughton Astley, had only recently joined as a first-aid volunteer when the crash happened.

The 26-year-old had been on a visit to London and was walking back to Euston station when he heard the crash, and dashed to the biker paramedic’s aid.

He said: “I heard what seemed to be a loud explosion.

“I looked up and saw a body being thrown in the air.

“Straight away I ran to assist the casualty and found that it was a London biker paramedic on a call when he was in a collision with a taxi.

“The paramedic was lying on his back when I got there.

“I went straight to the back of his head and held his neck so it didn’t move – his helmet was left on.

“By this point, the paramedic’s bike was on fire and a police car had to be placed between the casualty and the burning bike to protect the casualty and ourselves.

“Luckily there was a doctor and a nurse with me and the casualty was conscious so he could advise us of his condition.”

They continued to care for the injured man until paramedics arrived.

Shortly afterwards a second biker paramedic arrived, followed by an ambulance and the fire service, who put the man in a brace to stabilise his neck.

Mr Bass said he was pleased that he played his part in getting the man the treatment he needed.

He added: “ My story proves that first-aid really can be needed at any place and any time – and at St John Ambulance we would encourage as many people as possible to learn first-aid.

“By volunteering as a first-aider with us you too can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”

A number of opportunities exist for volunteers to deliver first-aid in the community and at public events.

Full training and ongoing support is provided.

For more information on volunteering with St John Ambulance, or to find out about open evenings being held in the Lutterworth area soon, visit the website or call 08700 10 49 50.