Solar farm proposed for site in the Langtons

An example of a solar development EMN-141011-090732001
An example of a solar development EMN-141011-090732001

A leading solar power firm is looking to build a solar panel farm on fields in the Harborough district.

The green power site would be on land at Meadow Farm, to the south-west of Thorpe Langton, the south-east of East Langton, and about three miles north of Market Harborough town centre.

There has been no planning application for the site yet, but information leaflets have been circulated to village homes in the Langtons, by solar power company Lightsource Renewable Energy.

And villagers have been invited to attend a meeting about the proposed site, which will be at Langton Community Hall, Stonton Road, Church Langton, on Wednesday, May 13, from 6pm to 8pm.

Mike Day of London-based Lightsource Renewable Energy told The Mail: “We already have around 100 sites across the UK - solar farms and rooftop installations - making us the largest solar panel company in the country, and I think now in Europe.

“We like to speak to local residents before we put forward any planning application, so that’s what this meeting is about.”

Lightsource Renewable Energy says the site would be screened from local residents by existing hedges and woodland, and by new planting.

The company says the site would produce enough “green energy” to power 1,400 homes.

And they say the local landowner will still be able to graze sheep on the land, between the solar panels.

“The panels would reach a maximum height of 2.5 metres, so would be rarely glimpsed beyond the site’s surrounding hedgerows and trees” the company says.

The solar farm would connect to the national power network via a new substation on Langton Road.

Lightsource usually enters into a 25 or 30-year lease agreement with a local landowner, to construct a “green power” solar panel site.

Rental payments in England typically range from £700 to £1,000 per acre per year, giving a landowner useful guaranteed income.

The UK is committed to meeting 15 per cent of its energy demand from renewable sources by 2020.

Generating energy locally means the UK can reduce its reliance on foreign fossil fuel supplies.

Solar power is considered the most passive technology to meet the government targets.