Sign ‘de-cluttering’ in a bid to make our road travel clearer

Work to improve road signs in Market Harborough is due to start this month.

County Hall plans to remove 58 signs, redesign ten signs to make them smaller and clearer and install 15 new ones in a bid to help reduce clutter and confusion for drivers.

The work will begin on Monday, April 27, and will include signs in the town centre and on key routes into Harborough.

The sign ‘clutter’ in town has been criticised on social media over the past few years with people posting pictures of multiple signs and branding them as eyesores.

Pete Price, assistant director for transportation at highways authority Leicestershire County Council, said: “This scheme should ensure Harborough’s signs are as clear as possible and are only provided where necessary, which should make it easier for motorists driving in the town.

“By redesigning signs to incorporate more than one message, we will be able to reduce the amount of space they take up on the pavement, which will also benefit pedestrians.

“A reduced number of signs will also reduce the amount of money required for maintenance in the longer term.”

The county council has worked with partners for the scheme, including Harborough Council, to carry out its review and follows a similar initiative in Melton recently.

The work is due to take about three weeks and “should not have an impact on motorists”, the county council said.

But the work will not include the removal of developers’ signs – the black on yellow signs that point people in the direction of new housing developments.