Shop prosecuted for fake goods

A Harborough shop is being taken to court by Leicestershire County Council’s trading standards department, charged with selling £7,000 worth of counterfeit clothing.

The retail outlet, which the council is declining to name so as not to prejudice the court case, is being prosecuted for selling fake goods which purported to be branded labels.

Trading standards sting operations seized nearly £1m of knock-off goods in 2013/14. The figures were revealed in an annual review, released on Friday.

It seized nearly £887,000 of counterfeit goods in total, including significant quantities of illegal tobacco.

A council spokesman said: “Of the cross-section of goods seized, about £7,000 relates to clothing seized in Harborough from a retail premises.

“The shop is subject to a pending court case and we can’t give out any more details yet in case we jeopardise the case.”