Scouts spend a night in cold to highlight homelessness

Foxton Scouts during the sleep-out
Foxton Scouts during the sleep-out

Foxton Scouts began a campaign to highlight the plight of homeless people by sleeping outdoors in cardboard box shelters.

The 1st Foxton group spent the night at the recreation ground in Foxton.

Keegan Stanton, Scout media officer, said: “The ground at Foxton was firm but bitterly cold.

“Despite this, all of the youngsters saw the challenge through to the morning in order to raise money for The Salvation Army.

“These conditions were representative of those endured by the homeless on a daily basis. However the empathetic Scouts could not come close to the dire ordeals experienced daily by the homeless in the UK and refugees worldwide that flee their country in crisis.”

Last year the Foxton Scouts raised more than £400 for The Salvation Army which supports the poor and homeless by providing shelters, beds and distributing food and sleeping bags.

The Scouts hope that their sleepover will fundraise as much, or more, than last year for the worthwhile charity. To make a donation to the cause, you can log on to their fundraising page at