Robert Smyth achieves its best grades for nearly 15 years

Students and staff at Robert Smyth Academy in Harborough were overjoyed today as A-level results were released this morning – celebrating their highest results since 2000.

The school, in Burnmill Road, gained an impressive 98 per cent pass rate, with over half the grades being A*-C.

Callum Dilley, Olivia Watkins, Tilly Boa, and Robert Williams (all aged 18)  were over the moon with their results

Callum Dilley, Olivia Watkins, Tilly Boa, and Robert Williams (all aged 18) were over the moon with their results

Star students this year included Luke Smith and Rob Williams, who achieved three A*s and one A grade, and Lizzie Bentley who gained three A*s and one B grade.

Sue Jones, Robert Smyth’s new principal who is taking over from Colin Dean after his 14 years in charge, told the Mail this morning: “We are absolutely delighted with today’s results and we’re so proud of all our students – it really is a testament to all the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year.

“Seven per cent of grades were A*, 26 per cent were A’s and 51 per cent were A*-B, which is phenomenal.

“Many of our students plan to go to university, and with results like this it is clear they will be successful.

“It has been difficult with an Ofsted report last year [October, 2013, which graded the school as ‘Requires Improvement’, a new score which relates to the old satisfactory rating], but we analysed the processes and appreciated the feedback and our results reflect this.”

The average point score per entry rose again this year by over 100 points, reaching an all-time high of 781.

Mrs Jones, who will be school’s first female head teacher, added: “We get a vast majority of around 70 per cent who choose to stay on at sixth-form, and we have a wide variety of courses to choose from to appeal to students.

“What is great is student’s ability to work independently and with individual subject tutors to achieve success. I would like to personally congratulate all of the students on their success that they so rightly deserve.”

There were smiles all round for Helena Scott (18) who gained an A in French, and A*’s in both English and maths, and Matilda Boa (18) who got an A in maths, biology and chemistry, and a B in further Maths, with both saying they were ‘extremely happy’ with their results.

Robert Williams (18) got three A*s and one A, and said he was over the moon with his results.

Joe Hubbard (18) gained an A in maths, an A in business and economics, and a B in sociology. He said: “I’m very happy, I got into my first uni choice so I’m really pleased. I started revising a bit in February, which cancelled my social life for a bit – tonight I plan to have a few at the pub to celebrate.”

Matt Bates (18) got an A in maths, an A in business and a B in chemistry. “I’m going to the University of Nottingham to study now, which I’m really excited for,” he said.

Sherry Trusler (18), gained a B in music, a C in music tech and a C in English. She said: “I’m now going to Northumbria to do English, and I’m very happy with my results. I started revising quite early, then it was a mad rush to revise towards the end. I’m going out tonight to celebrate.”

Ella Kirk, Annie Corbert, Amelia Fordham, and Peta-lou Krog told the Mail they were all very happy with their results.

Jess Noble, who did not want to reveal her results, said: “I’m really pleased with my results, and now I can to do Durham University to do sports science.”

Dom Henjes got an A in computers science , an A in German, and an A* in maths A* and he said: “I’m so happy with my results. I got into my first choice to study at the University of Birmingham, so I’m really pleased with what I got today.”

Story by Nicole Douglas.

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