Road safety call after lollipop lady saves boy

Lolipop lady Claire Hensey at the crossing on Bitteswell Road in Lutterworth
Lolipop lady Claire Hensey at the crossing on Bitteswell Road in Lutterworth

Parents are urging more to be done about road safety following a number of near-fatal incidents outside a school.

Sherrier C of E Primary School, of Bitteswell Road, Lutterworth, has a pelican crossing and a crossing patrol officer, more commonly known as a lollipop lady, but more and more worrying incidents are sparking worry in the area.

Claire Hensey, the crossing patrol officer at Sherrier, has written down notes of dangerous driving that happens outside the school.

She said:“I’ve written two black books of incidents – my last book went from April 2013, and I recorded 45 incidents and reported ten of those to the police.

“The ones I reported were punished and sent to speed awareness courses, but people still do it, even though its a 20mph zone. If I wrote every time someone was speeding, I’d have about 20 books.”

Questions have been raised by parents about whether more should be done to deter speeding on the road, including speed ramps or speed cameras.

She added: “The road has flashing lights, but no-one seems to take any notice of them. Speed bumps would be brilliant, but whether we’d get them or not is another story.”

It has been put in stark relief recently after one particularly dangerous incident.

A car was seen speeding through a red light, almost wiping out two young boys.

Nicki Haddon, a parent of the boys involved, told the Mail: “We always wait for the green man, and a car just came out of nowhere on a red light.

“If it wasn’t for Claire, they would have been hit.

“One of my boys later cried after it sunk in, and told me ‘a man nearly killed me today’ – I told him we did everything right.

“This shouldn’t be happening and one of these days it will be fatal.”

Claire added: “When we saw the car, I put my arm in front of the boy, and it was so close I felt the car against my arm.

“If I hadn’t have done that, the boy could have died.

“I have incidents like this about four times a year.”

The school is also near to Lutterworth College, in Bitteswell Road, with increasing levels of traffic using the road.

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for highways and road safety.

Peter Osborne, the county council’s cabinet member for highways, said: “While there has only been one recorded accident on Bitteswell Road in the past five years when a Lutterworth College pupil was slightly injured, road safety at the start and end of the school day is understandably a concern for schools and parents, particularly with regard to traffic speeds.

“We have introduced an advisory 20mph school safety zone outside Sherrier C of E Primary and there is also a pelican crossing.

“However, we’re not aware, at this stage, of any specific issues raised by the school.

“Children are vulnerable road users at all times of the day and we continue to work with schools to give children the necessary skills to walk and cycle safely on our roads.”

No-one from the school was available to comment.