Revamped St Luke’s site in Harborough will include new surgery

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The new £7.1million revamped St Luke’s Hospital in Market Harborough is to include a new GPs’ health practice.

The good news was a footnote in an NHS press release issued in January when health bosses confirmed the business case for the refurbished hospital in Leicester Road.

The Mail picked up on the news and asked for more information.

It has taken health chiefs nearly a month to get back with firm details. They finally responded last Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group said: “The brand new, purpose-built primary care space at St Luke’s will be offered to an existing local GP practice, but which practice will take up the space has not been established.

“This has been planned to meet the forecasted population increase in the town.”

The Mail asked how many patients this new practice would aim to serve but the NHS was not able to give an answer.

The decision as to who will make use of this space lies with NHS England, but this will soon switch to the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group when it takes over the management of primary medical care services, GP premises and primary care for all of the practices in the Harborough area in April.

“If approved, we will take over responsibility for GP contracts in April,” confirmed the spokeswoman.

She said: “This will be an important step forward in our plans to improve primary care, including moving towards seven-day services and ensuring more services are available to patients via their GPs.”