Resolve to be green in 2016

Gavin Fletcher, project manager at Sustainable Harborough
Gavin Fletcher, project manager at Sustainable Harborough

An environmental group is asking Harborough residents to make a New Year’s resolution to make their lifestyle greener this year.

Not for profit organisation Sustainable Harborough has spent the past three years launching initiatives in and around the town to encourage residents to become more aware of the impact they have on the environment.

They have set up a ‘pledge-o-meter’ on their website that is open to all local residents and are asking readers of the Harborough Mail to spare a few minutes during January to think about what they could do to reduce their environmental impact.

Gavin Fletcher, from Sustainable Harborough, said: “It’s all too easy to think that whatever we do won’t make any difference to the environment. Large scale environmental initiatives such as the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris have made everybody more aware of the need for change on a global level.

“But if we all take a few small steps, it can make a significant positive difference over time.

“I know of several people who have also made commitments to volunteer for local organisations.”

Typical pledges recorded on the site range from recycling more household waste, to walking or cycling instead of driving and using domestic gardens to grow vegetables. One local teenager has pledged to cut out meat every Monday.

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