Residents fear 'excessive smells' from 70,000 defecating birds on new game farm near Market Harborough

Fears over smells from planned bird farm
Fears over smells from planned bird farm

Plans to build a farm in a county village which would be home to 70,000 game birds have been approved despite residents’ concerns about smells.

The proposal looked to change the use of the land between Clipston and Sibbertoft for the rearing of game birds, as well as for the purposes of keeping of livestock.

But local residents, as well as Clipston Parish Council, registered their fears that intensive bird farming may well increase excessive unpleasant smells in the area.

At a planning committee of Daventry District Council on Wednesday June 27, one resident told councillors: “Putting birds on this land on such a large scale does not sit comfortably.

“Seventy thousand defecating birds is a problem in the making and will have a detrimental effect.”

The parish council also felt that the farm would affect ‘unspoilt countryside views’ by the erection of sheds and pens needed to house the birds.

Fourteen letters of objection from nearby residents also felt the farm could affect ancient monuments in the adjacent fields.

But planning officers at the council advised that the proposal ‘would not result in a harmful impact to the setting of designated heritage assets, nor will it result in a harmful impact to the amenities of nearby residential properties through noise and smells’.

Councillor Cecile Irving-Swift, who sits on the planning committee, said: “I can appreciate the concerns of residents regarding the smell.

“But would it be possible to give a temporary planning application instead?”

A motion to give planning permission for four years was agreed by the committee.