Residents call for site office to be removed

Some of the residents beside the David Wilson site office
Some of the residents beside the David Wilson site office

Fed-up residents on a town estate have started a petition to remove what one called “a noisy, dusty eyesore”.

Residents on the Farndon Fields estate want developer David Wilson Homes to move its compound and site hut.

The blue hut and surrounding compound in Marmion Close is used as a site office, and to store bricks, blocks and wood used elsewhere on the estate.

But residents argue that the compound is surrounded by houses that have been built for up to two years, and the temporary building and compound should now be moved on.

“This is a residential area now,” said mother-of-two Hazel Bosworth. “All we are asking is that they move their compound to where they are building.”

“We’re fed-up with the noise, dirt and dust,” added Jessica Horton. “And of course it’s an eyesore. It has a real impact on our quality of life.”

“I’ve heard it could be there for another three years,” said Carol Woodford. “We have noise and dust during the day for six days a week, and the dust can affect your lungs. Sunday is an absolute relief.”

“It’s been there for the whole time we’ve been living here,” said Anthony Howley. “I think it’s time for it to go.”

“Surely, the comfort, happiness and safety of your customers is more important than the inconvenience of moving a portable structure?,” Susan Garon asked the company.

The online petition to David Wilson Homes wants the company to “relocate the site office and complete the building on Marmion Close”.

It mentions health and safety concerns, from “construction vehicles” that use the site, and the resulting noise, mess and dust.

The petition concludes: “The site office is a portable construction and is designed to be moved when appropriate to do so.

“It is suggested that, given the location of the current and future building work, now is the time to make that move.”

David Wilson Homes responded quickly to a phone call from the Mail this week asking them about the petition and the residents’ complaints.

John Reddington, managing director at David Wilson East Midlands, said: “Health and safety is of the utmost importance at all our developments, and I’d like to reassure residents that there is absolutely no cause for concern in this case.

“The cabin on Marmion Close houses the site’s administrative office and is not the site compound which is located elsewhere.

“Only a single forklift truck, which parks there at night and occasional delivery vans, uses this road as an access point. In line with 
the build programme, 
the site office will be moved to a new position early in the New Year, and the entire site is due for completion next summer.

“In order to facilitate construction, roads are surfaced when the properties on it are completely finished.

“We are reviewing the comments made within the petition and will be responding to them individually in due course.”