‘Pupil parking’ clogs up streets near college

Lutterworth resident Richard Catling with the parking problems on Greenacres in Lutterworth.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER
Lutterworth resident Richard Catling with the parking problems on Greenacres in Lutterworth.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Residents who live close to one south Leicestershire school are complaining about a very modern parking problem - streets clogged with parked cars left by pupils.

Lutterworth College has a large sixth form of around 600 pupils - many of whom have passed their test and drive to school.

But the school has no official parking spaces for pupils - so many of them park in nearby residential streets.

Now residents in Greenacres Drive and the surrounding streets say the parked cars have become a menace.

One local resident in Aspen Way, near the school, told the Mail that she had spent £400 on getting the council to lower more of the kerb close to her house and even paint white lines on the street to make sure she could get out of her own drive.

“It’s got ridiculous” said the resident, who asked not to be named.

“There were times when I had to ring the college to ask them to find the owner of a car parked across my drive so I could leave my house.

“Now we’ve paid £400 on dropped kerbs and white lines to try to stop getting blocked in.”

Other local people questioned by the Mail said “our streets seem to have become the unofficial school car park” and “it’s definitely traffic from the school - mostly the kids, but also the odd staff member”.

Local resident Richard Catling said: “Students parking is causing a lot of disruption to local residents and local traffic.

“My major bugbear is it’s a danger to services - ambulance, fire, waste disposal and of course the buses.

“I thought something needed to be done when I came across a bus on Greenacres that was stuck and couldn’t move because of parked cars on both sides of the road.

“There was a woman on board who was very distressed because she had to get to an appointment, and in the end I gave her a lift in my own car to Whetstone.

“It was then I thought ‘this is ridiculous -it’s a problem that’s growing and growing and something needs to be done’.”

He said there was space for extra cars to be parked behind Lutterworth Leisure Centre - but he said that Harborough District Council and Leicestershire County Council had been unable to agree that student cars should be allowed to park there.

Head of Lutterworth College Ben Solly said: “We have a large sixth form, and a number of students that travel to work by car.

“We regularly talk to the pupils about the importance of parking legally and considerately.

“We maintain good relationships with our neighbours.

“If there are any complains from local residents, we respond really quickly and pro-actively.”

He said that car parking at Lutterworth Leisure Centre previously used by the school was “no longer available to us”.

But he said the school encouraged students to park at the back of the school in an area close to a Skate Park.