Proposals for thousands of homes across Harborough district revealed

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Plans for where thousands of new homes could be built have been revealed - but the council is keeping its options open on where they should go.

The Harborough District Council Local Plan document looks at three very different ways the district could accommodate new housing and employment areas up to 2031.

Each approach is sub-divided into three options, giving a total of nine options altogether. The public can pick their preferred option.

Approach one distributes future housing and employment growth in a similar way to recent development.

It proposes major housing and employment development in Market Harborough, Lutterworth and Fleckney.

Approach two looks at concentrating development at one large ‘Strategic Development Area’, delivering at least 1,000 new homes in one place. This would mean lower housing levels elsewhere.

The large site chosen could by either Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby in the north of the district, or Kibworth in the centre or Lutterworth in the south.

Approach three concentrates development at two Strategic Development Areas.

Depending on the option chosen within this approach, the two areas could be Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby and Kibworth; Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby and Lutterworth or Lutterworth and 

The Options Consultation Paper can be viewed and commented on at .

The council hopes to make a decision in spring, 2016.

The alternatives in brief, with main housing centres:

(1) 807 more houses in Market Harborough, 572 in Fleckney and 388 in Lutterworth.

(2) 1,329 houses in Market Harborough, 506 in Lutterworth, 440 in Fleckney.

(3) 1,983 houses in Market Harborough, 645 in Lutterworth, 478 in Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby.

(4) 1,182 houses in Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby, 866 in Market Harborough, 398 in Lutterworth.

(5) 1,200 houses in Kibworth, 775 in Market Harborough, 375 in Lutterworth.

(6) 2,238 houses in Lutterworth, 440 in Market Harborough, 307 in Fleckney.

(7) 1,200 houses in Kibworth, 1,046 in Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby, 333 in Market Harborough.

(8) 2,098 houses in Lutterworth, 1,000 in Scraptoft/Thurnby/Bushby.

(9) 2,063 houses in Lutterworth, 1,200 in Kibworth.