Promising to do their best!

The 1st Welland Scout Group
The 1st Welland Scout Group

Dozens of excited Scouts and adult leaders have promised to do their best at the official re-opening of the 1st Welland Valley Scout Group.

Kitted out in their new Beaver, Cub and Scout uniforms, the youngsters were led into Medbourne Village Hall by their leaders for their investiture.

The children, aged between six and 14, and their adult leaders were presented with a neckerchief to symbolise their commitment to their group, and to promote togetherness.

New Cub Scout Jasper (9) said: “I love wearing the Scout uniform!

“I also love the camping trips because I get to spend time in nature with the animals – whatever we do we always love doing it.”

Invited guest the High Sheriff of Rutland, Andrew Brown, also spoke, recalling what a fun time he had at the same Cubs group which previously ran from Ashley.

He said: “The Scouts teach moral and social responsibility whilst the children have fun.”

David (13) was in charge of revealing the Union Jack flag to the family filled audience after the group members had been introduced.

When asked about how he felt, David said: “Responsible. I felt proud to have that responsibility.”

Spokesman Keegan Stanton said: “Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

“The Scout promise and laws are about respect, integrity, care and co-operation.

“The children clearly love their Scouting adventures as they couldn’t stop talking excitedly about the challenges they had completed already such as pioneering, water sports and mine craft.

“They were also extremely excited for their Viking camp the following week.

“Once all the marshmallows were gone, there were songs around the campfire.

“Every Scout, group leader and onlooking parent and sibling was singing along happily to end the evening with a bang.”

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