Thumbs-up for homes plan despite opposition

CONTENTIOUS plans for a housing development on the southern edge of Broughton Astley have been given the go-ahead despite public opposition.

The site, off Crowfoot Way in the village, already had planning permission for homes but plans put before Harborough District Council’s planning committee on Tuesday sought to detail exactly where the homes would be put.

The meeting heard residents were concerned over plans to include a new scout hut on the site to replace the one in Broughton Astley, a move which the meeting heard was a stipulation of the terms of granting outline planning permission for the development.

Traffic and parking on roads around the development was also a concern, the meeting was told.

But a council planning officer warned the authority risked accusations of being unduly reasonable if it attempted to change plans on a site where outline planning permission had already been granted.

And councillors voted eight to two in favour of allowing the development.

Councillor Richard Martyn Tomlin, who lives in Broughton Astley and represents Lutterworth Brookfield Ward on the district council, told the meeting: “This is possibly the worst of all the numerous developments proposed around Broughton Astley.

“The only positive I can see is the new scout hut. We need one but this is the worst position possible to put it. There are lots of preferred locations.

“The Parish Plan is being worked on and I feel this application should be deferred until the residents of the town have had their say.”

But council planning officer Adrian Eastwood said: “This has planning permission and we’re in a very dangerous position of possibly being accused of being unreasonably difficult if we start trying to change the plans.”

And Cllr Brian Smith said: “I’ve not seen an application with such imagination in some time. And if the new scout hut gets children off the street then I’m all for it.”

4 An application to build 50 homes on James Bond’s Caravan Park in Moorbarns Lane, Lutterworth, was refused at Tuesday’s meeting.