New leader for Harborough District Council

Cllr Phil King celebrating his re-election in the recent local elections.
Cllr Phil King celebrating his re-election in the recent local elections.

A new leader has been picked to lead Harborough District Council.

Cllr Phil King, a representative of the Kibworths ward - was elected as the leader of the Conservative Group on Harborough District Council. This means he will become of the leader of the council when it meets on Monday, May 20, replacing Cllr Neil Bannister who has been leader of the Tories and the council since October 2017.

Currently the Conservative Group has 22 councillors and a majority of 10 over the combined opposition parties on the 34 member council.

Following the vote, Cllr King said: “I’m absolutely delighted that my fellow councillors have placed their faith in me to become the leader of Harborough District Council.

“The feedback from the doorstep tells us that we face a number of new challenges in addition to the election commitments we have already made.

“Voters like how we kept council tax down to less than it was 10 years ago, but are unsure what we do for them except empty bins and planning applications.

“They liked how we now have a local plan, and 21 neighbourhood plans. But we need to do more to restore confidence and trust in communities blighted by developers and builders.

“Many are highly concerned about the A46 Expressway, and I want to re-look at this issue to ensure that Harborough district is getting the best deal possible.

“My focus will be on strengthening community cohesion; the social ‘glue’ that helps to bind residents together, to help communities feel they belong.

"I am honored that my colleagues have given me this opportunity and I look forward to leading them, and the council, forward over the next few years.”