Police move fast to nail Harborough speeders

Tony Fenn has been recording speeding motorists outside his house on Lubenham Hill.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER
Tony Fenn has been recording speeding motorists outside his house on Lubenham Hill.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Police in Market Harborough have been commended by residents for responding quickly to complaints about speeding traffic in the town.

As reported last week in the Mail, residents on the A4304 at Lubenham Hill were complaining about cars and lorries speeding past their homes in a 30mph zone.

One resident even filmed traffic he felt was going too fast.

But a police anti-speeding team was set up on the road on Monday morning this week, and caught 16 drivers speeding in two hours.

One driver was caught travelling at 53mph on the 30mph limit road, police said.

A Lubenham Hill resident who complained about speeding traffic last week said he was delighted at the police presence on the road.

Father-of-three Tony Fenn said: “Really, they caught 16 people? Well, that’s great! I’m really, really pleased about that.

“I’ll be honest, I personally made an awful lot of noise about this problem, and I’m delighted at the quick police response.

“I really do commend them. The police are under a lot of pressure with cuts, and I think they try to do the best they can with the resources they’ve got.”

Mr Fenn felt so strongly about the speeding traffic that he started filming the worst examples, and forwarding the results to the police.

A police spokesman confirmed that the team was monitoring the speed of traffic on the road in direct response to complaints from local people, one of whom was featured in the Harborough Mail last week.

Pc Malc Roberts, who is based in Market Harborough, said: “Taking action against speeding is one of the main things we’ve been asked to do recently.

“Yes, we have responded to complaints from local people on this.”

Mr Fenn said he had actually noticed traffic going more slowly on the road on Monday.

“It shows you what a police presence can do” he said.

In one of the worst examples of bad driving filmed by Mr Fenn, a red Honda Civic was seen crossing over to the wrong side of the road on Lubenham Hill and overtaking a line of traffic as he sped down the hill.

Local county councillor Blake Pain, who has seen the video, said: “Someone who drives like that shouldn’t be on the road in my opinion.

“But with both reckless driving and speeding, we’re looking for a behaviour change in people who use that road.”