Police crack down on illegal vehicles near Lutterworth

Part of the police operation
Part of the police operation

Cars, vans and lorries were stopped during a three-day police a operation across the county aiming to stop travelling criminality.

Part of a national week of enforcement, Operation Trivium aimed to disrupt foreign nationals committing crime and using the UK road system to do so.

Over the three days of activity at three locations including Magna Park near Lutterworth, 137 foreign nationals were spoken to, 72 vehicles were stopped and 26 were seized.

Officers from the East Midlands Operational Support Services were stopping vehicles at Magna Park, Narborough Road, Leicester and at Leicester Forest East services on the northbound carriageway last week.

Detective Chief Inspector Shane O’Neill said: “Through operations such as this, we aim to raise awareness of the effects of travelling criminality through our county.

“To have taken 26 vehicles off the road for breaching UK safety rules and for driving without the correct insurance is a great result. Our primary aim is to keep the population of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland safe.

“This operation gives us the chance to access intelligence not always open to us, leading us to be able to make arrests in connection with offences abroad – such as the incident in Romania for aggravated theft of motor vehicle.

“We spoke to many foreign nationals who weren’t committing an offence, reiterating safety advice about their vehicles and making sure their documents were in order.”

Operation Trivium Six results:

72 vehicles were stopped throughout the three days

Three arrests were made for Theft of Motor vehicle, an Immigration over stayer and a European Arrest Warrant nominal that was sought by Romania for Aggravated Theft of Motor vehicle

26 vehicles were seized for the following matters:

One vehicle was seized by HMRC for undutied alcohol

Two Vehicles seized for Immediate Prohibitions

Three vehicles seized for no insurance

Twenty vehicles were seized for being unregistered foreign vehicles

Graduated Fixed Penalties totalling £1,800 were imposed during the course of the three days of activity for a variety of traffic offences