Plans go in for shoe firm and printing warehouses in Desborough

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-170131-125009005

Plans have been submitted for two more warehouses on the edge of Desborough.

Hampton Brook Ltd wants to build the warehouses at Site B and Site C of Magnetic Park in Eagle Avenue, just to the north of the town.

If approved, Site B would be just more than 5,000sq m and would be for shoe accessories.

A planning statement reads: “The building has been specifically designed for Dunkelman & Son Limited, a company local to the site, who design, manufacture and distribute shoe accessories under the Dasco Shoe Care brand.

“The company is currently based in Gold Street, Desborough, but are required to relocate from their existing premises in the town due to the restructuring of the company subsequent to being acquired by Alma FRC in February 2015.

“This new facility in Magnetic Park provides a bespoke solution for them which accommodates their specialist needs and also allows an area for them to expand as their business continues to develop.”

The proposed facility would be operated by 35 full-time staff working seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Adjacent to Site B, Site C would, if approved, house Partridge and Print Limited.

It is currently based in Wellingborough and predominantly works with charities and not for profit organisations.

Its clients include The Prince’s Trust (Countryside Fund), The Alzheimer’s society, The British Heart Foundation, Carers UK, Children with Cancer, The Fostering Network, Mencap, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and AGRA/Informa.

Site C would be just more than 3,000sq m and would create work for 25 full-time staff.

A decision on both sites is expected by the end of April.

To view the plans click here for Site B and here for Site C.