Plans for 300 homes in the Ise valley have been thrown out

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Delighted campaigners are celebrating this week, after a controversial scheme for 300 homes in a green river valley was rejected by planners.

But campaigners were warned “the developers could still appeal”.

The scheme was to build the 300 houses on land south of Desborough, bordered by the River Ise.

Kevin O’Brien of the residents’ group Desborough LADS (Land at Desborough South) said the scheme would put “dense town housing in the market town’s picturesque Ise Valley”.

The outline application for the houses was made by Central England Co-operative Ltd. who said the new development would “sit in harmony with its surroundings”.

But the plans were rejected by Kettering Borough councillors, because the development would not have fitted with the green surroundings.

Mr O’Brien said he was delighted with the decision.

He warned: “The developers may come back but we are very, very happy. Everybody thought it was a given (that the scheme would be approved) but it was pleasing to see councillors defending local people.

“There may be an appeal but the reasons for rejection around biodiversity will not change.”

Local objectors had said the scheme was “inappropriate” because more acceptable sites are already available in Desborough.

Others argued that the development would reduce the local green space available and be detrimental to wildlife.

They also argued that facilities in Desborough (doctors, schools, libraries, etc) were already overstretched, even without the extra houses proposed.

Central England Co-operative Ltd may lodge an appeal against the decision.