Plan to charge for bins in Harborough is put on hold

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A controversial plan to start charging owners of new Harborough houses for their wheelie bins has been put on hold - because of the possibility of bin thefts.

The district council’s executive had been expected to approve the plan on Monday night.

But Cllr Jonathan Bateman, portfolio holder for environment and regulatory services, told the Mail this week that further information was needed because of the possibility of the charged-for bins being stolen.

The council had planned to introduce the charge of £92.91 for two bins - black and blue-top - for new-build properties from September 1 this year.

There would be no extra charge for existing Harborough households who already have their bins.

The reason for the proposed new charge is financial; the council says it would otherwise cost £290,000 to deliver bins to all the 3,748 new houses that are forecast across the district in the next five years.

But charging for the bins could make them a possible target for thieves.

Cllr Bateman said: “Some issues have been raised regarding the possibility of bin theft.

“Part of the extra information we need is to look into a system where we can identify a bin to a particular property.”

He said the report would now be added to by officers and go back to the committee at a future date.