Plan for new 70-home estate at edge of town

More than 1,500 properties were let without power in Weston Favell.
More than 1,500 properties were let without power in Weston Favell.

Letters from a housing developer have gone out to Market Harborough residents telling them of plans for a new 70-home housing estate.

The letters were received by people living in houses off Ashley Way, Market Harborough.

The proposed new estate would be at the top of Clack Hill, on land bordered by Kettering Road, the A6 and David Hobbs Rise.

The estate would be to the left of Kettering Road, as you head out of Market Harborough. A new access road would link the proposed new estate to Kettering Road.

It is early days for this plan, and details have not yet gone to Harborough District Council, the Mail understands.

The letters have come from a company called Freeths, based in Nottingham, on behalf of the developer.

The letter promises “a new access from Kettering Road” and “the provision of new, publicly accessible open space” linking in to local footpaths, as well as the houses.

The homes themselves would be a mix of bungalows, 1.5 and two storey dwellings.

The letter says “uninterrupted views of the ridge line” of Clack Hill would still be possible.

Local residents who received the letter are divided about the new estate.

“I’m not bothered about the houses” said Ann Porter. “The only problem I’ve got is with the access onto Kettering Road. That’s already a dangerous road.”

“We’re not fussed” agreed Sophie Punter. “We kind of thought when we moved here that more houses could be built further up the hill.”

But Janette Smith said: “They’re trying to build too much in Market Harborough, And there’s going to end up being an accident on Kettering Road.”

And Chris Bailey said: “The proposed piece of land for this development is on top of the hill, right on the sky line.

“Any development in this area puts more pressure on the busy road system and the two local primary schools, which are full.”