PICTURES AND FULL RESULTS: Thedingworth & Husbands Bosworth Sheep Dog and Horse Trials Event

Here are the full results from this year’s Husbands Bosworth & Theddingworth Sheep Dog Trials and Horse Show event held earlier in the summer.

All pictures are by long-time Mail freelance snapper Andrew Carpenter.

Action...Charlotte Butland on Monty during the Husbands Bosworth horse show and sheep dog trials. (MAIL PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER)

Action...Charlotte Butland on Monty during the Husbands Bosworth horse show and sheep dog trials. (MAIL PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER)

The first trial was held in 1905 before it was later abandoned and restarted by Alex McTurk at Blaston in 1929.

Mr McTurk approached a number of farmers in the Theddingworth and Husbands Bosworth area with a view to holding sheep dog trials at Bosworth Hall Park in 1936.

After a brief hiatus during the war years, the event has grown to now attracting competitors from many parts of the UK.

This year’s event, held in July, proved to be as popular as ever, drawing about 75 dogs in the Open Class and 25 in the Local Class.

The horse show saw its biggest classes to date.

Sheep dog trials results:

Local: judge John Bee. 1 (£60 and Mrs D Constable Maxwell Challenge Cup) Nij Vyas with Skye (Wigston), 89 pts; 2 (£40) Anne Brookes with Lil (Stannion) 87; 3 (£30) Tim Foster with Mist - (Creaton) 86; 4 Bob Powell with Drift (Cold Ashby) 86;

5 A Hall with Gwen (Wolvey) 84; 6 N Vyas with Mac - (Wigston) 84

Best Looking Local Dog: Tim Foster’s Mist (Creaton)

Open: judge Ben Smith. 1 (£250 and TB Barlow Challenge Cup) John Thomas with Nap (Middleton Stoney) 88pts; 2 £125 Ed Hawkins with Bill (Suffolk) 85; 3 £75 R Montgomery with Meg (Bristol) 81 OLF; 4 (£50) Amy Rouse with Mist (Cambs) 81; 5 (£30) Val Powell with Mint (Cold Ashby) 80.5; 6 (£20) George Bonsall with Jet (Stafford) 80 OLF;

Highest pointed novice: (£25 and Llyr Evans Perpetual Challenge Cup: A Hughes with Astley Frost (Clipston).

Special award (The Miss May McTurk Memorial Cup) for the highest pointed handler of the opposite sex to that of the winner of the Open Class: Amy Rouse with Mist (Cambs). LSDS Young Handler Award (sponsored by Mr L Woodward, £30, a rosette and The Westerby Challenge Cup)

Amy Rouse with Mist (Cambs). Highest pointed run within the first two hours (£20): George Bonsall with Jet (Stafford).

Horse show results:

1ft6ins: 1 Erin Baker on Super Savvy; 2 Jade Baker/Marvellous Mary; 3 Milly Baker/Firing Flame; 4 David Tyrrell/Victor; 5 Josie Kerr/Jacob; 6 Amber Marshall/Ossie.

Beginners Jumping: 1 Erin Baker/Super Savvy; 2 Olivia Hubbard/Bonny; 3 Jade Baker/Marvellous Mary; 4 Emma Alcorn/Polly; 5 David Tyrrell/Victor; 6 Claire Coppin/Carma.

Novice Jumping: 1 Jade Baker/Super Savvy; 2 Oliva Hubbard/Bonny; 3 Emma Alcorn/Polly; 4 Rebecca Giles Kilcogy/Clover; 5 Erin Baker/Marvellous Mary; 6 Donna Farrington/Martha

2ft3ins: 1 Olivia Hubbard/Bonny; 2 Nadine Hornsey/Paddy; 3 Alison Smith/Tam; 4 India Marshall/Chloe; 5 Lorna Johnson/Jack; 6 Alison Smith/Cliff

2ft6ins: 1 Chloe Atkins/Trust; 2 Chloe Butland/Monty; 3 Ellie Pacey Little/Miss Maddie; 4 Sophie Hetherton-Davis/Knockavalley Joe; 5 Victorai Sunter/Ballyduff Max; 6 Nadine Horsney Paddy.

2ft9ins: 1 Chloe Butland/Monty; Victorai Sunter/Ballyduff Max; 3 Rebecca Gile Carton/Brago; 4 Laura Gardner/Alis’s Comet; 4 Sophie Hetherton-Davis/Knockavalley Joe; 4th Ellie Pacy/Little Miss Maddie

Best Turned Out: 1 Leila Marvin/Sennen Haiti; 2 Zara Atkinson/Maisie; 3 Becky Smith/Haro; 4 Chloe East/Greystone Mitchell; 5 Livia Zimmer/Welham Franco; 6 Charlotte Clipston/Limekiln Revenge.

Mountain & Moorland: 1 Becky Smith/Haro; 2 Zara Atkinson/Maisie; 3 Charlotte Clipston/Limekiln Revenge; 4 Pheobe Moore/Welham Starlight; 5 Eleanor Martin /Gaufron Ace of Hearts.

Mountain & Moorland In Hand: t Margarot Hallam/Benjamin of Woodplaw; 2 May Baker Faye; 3 Levia Zimmer/Welham Franco; 4 Freya Currie/Chen; 5 Lucy Haynes/Bella.

Coloured: 1 Sophie Lawrence/Happy Go Sparky; 2 Kiri Barrett/Tommy; 3 India Marshall/Chloe; 4 Val Brown/Charlie; 5 Pip Thomson/Ruby; 6 Sue Anderson/Roger.

Coloured In Hand: 1 Margaret Hallam/Benjamin of Woodplaw; 2 N Turpin/Valentine; 3rd Harriet Timms /Chein; 4 Samantha Hawker/Indie; 5th Michelle Ikin /Spencer; 6 Lucy Haynes/Bruno.

COB: 1st Kiri Barrett Tommy; 2 Jo Lawrence/Happy Go Sparky; 3 Alison Smith/Cliff; 4 Val Brown/Charlie; 5 Sue Anderson/Roger; 6 Ria Petts/Romany Wildfire.

COB In Hand: 1 Michelle Ikin/Spencer; 2 Megan Baker/Doodle.

Young Rider: 1 Harriet Timms/Jessica Doolittle; 2 Amber Marshall/Ossie.

Young Rider In Hand: 1 Mary Baker/Faye.

Veteran: 1 Leila Marvin/Sennen Haiti; 2 Amber Marshall/Ossie; 3 Harriet Timms/Jessica Doolittle; 4 Firi Barrett/Tommy; 5 Claire Coppin/Carma.

Best Mane & Tail: 1 Sarah Baynton/Beautiful; 2nd Jo Lawrence/Happy Go Sparky; 3 Harriet Timms/Chen; 4 Megan Baker/Doodle; 5 Ria Petts/Romany Wildfire.

Prettiest Mare/Handsomest Gelding: 1 Mary Baker/Faye: 2 Sarah Baynton/Beautiful; 3rd Ria Petts/Romany Wildfire; 4 Megan Baker/Doodle.

Story by Alex Blackwell.

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