PICTURE SLIDESHOW: Lubenham Scarecrow Festival draws in the crowds

Thousands of people flocked to Lubenham Scarecrow Festival at the weekend.

“It was a fabulous weekend” said Patricia Woods, one of the festival organisers.

Libby Sturgess 9 and Luca Sturgess 4 during the Lubenham scarecrow weekend.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Libby Sturgess 9 and Luca Sturgess 4 during the Lubenham scarecrow weekend.'PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

“The rain stopped just before the festival started, there was beautiful sunshine, and the rain started again when the Festival finished. It was as if someone had organised the weather for us!”

“It’s been manic” another organiser, Julie Page, told the Mail as she co-ordinated an auction of local produce.

“I think the key is that entry and parking is free, so you can spend as much or as little here as you want.”

“Saturday’s been busy and Sunday will be even busier” said a third organiser, Peter Nicholson, at the raffle tent.

“And - yes - the event has got much bigger in the last few years.”

Attractions at this year’s village event included a dog show, quad bikes, a funfair, local craft and produce stalls, a variety of refreshment stalls, a full line-up of music - and more than 100 scarecrows, made by villagers.

There was an art exhibition in the village hall and All Saints church was turned into an atmospheric tea rooms.

Visitors were united in their praise for the ambitious village event.

“This is our sixth year here and it’s always just a lovely family day out” said Mark Simms, from the band Out of the Blue, just before they went on stage on Saturday.

“We’ve come here from Leicester with the kids and we’re amazed at just how big it is” said Jo Renshaw.

“It’s like a village fete on steroids isn’t it?” added another impressed visitor, Dave Pearce, from Desborough.

“I grew up in Lubenham and my dad used to organise the music at the Festival” said Greg Hancock, after a performance on stage in memory of his father. “I’ve just watched the Scarecrow Festival grow and grow and grow.”

Money raised at the event goes to a wide range of local good causes.

The best scarecrows were: first ‘Hogwarts’, made by the Prestons on Main Street; second ‘Only Fools and Horses’ by the Miller Family on Foxton Road; third ‘Incredible Hulk’, by Vinnie Crook on Laughton Road; and fourth ‘The Tiger who came for Tea’by Laura and Chris Brown on Westland Close.