PICTURE GALLERY AND REPORT: Robert Smyth Academy GCSE results day 2014

Teenagers from Harborough’s Robert Smyth Academy were celebrating a fine crop of GCSE results this morning (Thursday).

The town school, in Burnmill Road, released the dreaded manila envelopes at 10am today.

Emelia Johnson, Rebecca Jeffs and Gabrielle Grant, all 16, at Robert Smyth Academy in Harborough'

Emelia Johnson, Rebecca Jeffs and Gabrielle Grant, all 16, at Robert Smyth Academy in Harborough'

One of its headline statistics was the girls’ grades in English after coming out at an all-time high with 77 per cent of them achieving A*-C grades this year.

While the boys do not appear to have done quite so well in English, they redeemed themselves in maths and A*-C results in this subject reached 80 per cent.

The school said it will appealing to the exam board against some of the English grades given.

Results in science, languages, humanities, the performing arts and other option subjects were also high, said the school in a statement.

Once more there were some impressive individual results with the vast majority of students celebrating their entry into the school’s sixth-form.

Principal Sue Jones told the Mail this morning: “We are so pleased with the results today. The last two years have been disappointing in certain areas, but we’re so happy with our own individual results in terms of how they held up against the national averages.

“Our results are quite similar to last year - maths has come down ever so slightly, as it is the first year of a linear rather than a modular course, so nationally those results have come down quite a lot.

Ours have come down 85 to 80 per cent, so we are absolutely delighted and I would imagine that would be one of the highest over the county.”

In the school’s official statement this morning, she added: “We are pleased that so many students have done so well in so many areas.”

“We knew that the recent changes to the English exam would continue to pose a challenge to us and there are also a rather large number of results we will be appealing against.

“However, it is obvious that, for the girls at least, the increased focus on English has paid off.

Their results have been the result of a huge amount of hard work to improve progress in this area and to tackle the massive changes that have occurred in the exam over the past two years.

“Our overall A*-C result, including English and maths, of 60 per cent is good and we will continue to look at ways in which we can improve this even further.”

Many students were extremely happy with their results, as the decision of where to continue studying still remained for many.

Ollie Jones (16) said: “I’m going to do my A-levels here [at Robert Smyth], being maths, chemistry, physics and photography.

“I’ve had a really good time at Robert Smyth so I’m coming back, and I am pleased with my results.”

Ben Campbell (16) said: “I got five A’s, four B’s and a C. A-levels I’m planning to do are maths, music tech, business and history.

“I revised quite a bit, and I am happy with the amount of revision I did and I’m really happy with my results.”

Gabriella Grant said: “I got a few A’s, couple of A*s and a couple of B’s. I’m going to stay on at Robert Smyth, and do A-levels in geography, biology, maths and art. We’re all really happy with our results and we’re going to get ice-cream to celebrate.”

Emelia Johnson said: “I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to get a C in maths, but I’ve passed that which means I can actually go into A-levels, so I’m really happy. I was dreading I might have to re-take it, but now I’m ready for A-levels.”

Students Oscar Bentley, Krut Rabari, Emily Newlyn and Ellis Harris Boutter were just a few of the high-performing students at the school.

Oscar said: “I think my results are better than what I was expecting – I was a bit nervous this morning. I’m doing A-levels here, I’m doing four-and-a-half. I got three A*s, seven A’s and a B. I plan to go to university and do film, so I’m not sure if I’ll have to go to a specialised school, but I’m so happy with my results.”

Krut Rabari (16) said: “I got four A*s, two A’s and B. I’m doing A-levels here – three sciences, maths, geography and film.”

Emily Newlyn (16) said: “ I got four A*s, four A’s, a B and a C. I can’t see the point in travelling to go to another college, and I really like it here. I hope in future to study music, so the question is whether I go to a university or a conservatoire.”

Another high-achiever was Sophie Burleigh, who gained four A*s, four A’s, and two B’s. She said: “For A-levels, I’m doing art, business and economics, English literature and maths - so quite a range - and I’d love to do something like journalism in the future.

“All our family are going out to celebrate my sister’s A-level results and mine, so it’s all going well at the moment and we’re really happy.”

Joe Gatley (16) said: “I’m really happy, I got higher results than I expected, so I feel I did really well. I got all A-Cs, and I’m doing maths and further maths, drama and maybe physics at A-level – it’s going to be a huge work load, so I’m really scared. I’d love to be a maths teacher in future. We drove here from Gloucester this morning – we were on holiday in a cottage, and had to come back from my results, and we literally just made it in time. But it was so worth it, and I’m so pleased with my results.”

For students who didn’t get the grades they wanted and are worried about the next stage, Mrs Jones added that it certainly isn’t the end of the road. She told the Mail: “Come back and see us next week if you are hoping to return and do A-levels – we look at each case individually and it may be that you’ve got enough results across the rest of your subjects to do those at A-level, or you might need to re-sit in English or maths.

“I want to say congratulations to the students and the teachers. They’ve all worked incredibly hard, and the results are down to their hard work.

“The results that the students have gained are really pleasing, and they have all made fantastic progress, and it’s lovely when those results come to fruition.”

Last Thursday, staff and students from the school were celebrating their best set of A-level results since the year 2000.

Story by Nicole Douglas

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