Phoebe’s legacy can help mums

Wendy Harris-Amo.
Wendy Harris-Amo.

The memory of her baby girl has inspired a former Market Harborough mum design a unique ‘Trolley Buggy’ connector to make shopping easier for mums with baby buggies.

Wendy Harris-Amo, 43, says the connector attaches a standard supermarket shopping trolley to the handle of a buggy or pushchair.

Now she is looking for financial backers for her design, which she says is in memory of her own baby daughter, who had Downs Syndrome and died aged 13 months.

“The potential is massive” Wendy said. “There’s nothing like this on the market at all, and it could potentially go worldwide.

“I have made a prototype which works very well and it passed a safety test with flying colours. But I need about another £14,000 to get me off the ground, so I can start manufacturing these connectors.”

She says the Trolley Buggy connector is made from a tough nylon and costs around £8 to manufacture. She hopes to retail her invention at £29.99 plus £5 postage and packing.

Wendy is a Harborough girl, having gone to school at Bringhurst, Kibworth and Market Harborough, and subsequently worked at several Market Harborough shops.

She currently lives in Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes.

Wendy said: “In 2009 I had my little girl Phoebe who had Downs Syndrome, she suddenly died exactly 13 months after she was born.

“Just getting out of the house to go shopping was bliss for me, but it turned into such a struggle once she outgrew trolley baby carriers.

“When I lost her I wanted to keep her memory alive. I wanted to produce something that could help parents with disabled and able bodied children so I decided to design this device.”

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