Petition started to save Market Harborough’s buses

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Three Harborough councillors have started a petition to save “at risk” town buses in Market Harborough.

As reported in last week’s Harborough Mail, the town-and-around number 33 service is red-listed by Leicestershire County Council – meaning it’s “likely to be discontinued” as a council-contracted service after June 2019.

The number 44 town service is amber listed, meaning its continuation is also at risk.

But Liberal Democrat councillors Phil Knowles, Barbara Johnson and Roger Dunton have launched a petition to show the county the strength of feeling about the local buses.

The petition says that Market Harborough is a large and growing town and that “vital facilities and businesses are well over 800 metres away from many residents homes”.

The petition concludes: “We, the undersigned, Market Harborough residents, petition the Leicestershire County Council to understand the special nature of this town, and to retain the town’s present bus arrangements after June 2019, to ensure accessibility for all residents, together with the benefits of connectivity, sustainable travel and support for the present thriving local economy.”

Cllr Knowles said: “The 33 is red risk with the possibility of being discontinued, the 44 is amber ‘continuation at risk’.

“There is a real need to highlight this situation and ensure that the public have the opportunity to raise their concerns”.

Some residents have already committed to take the petition door to door.

Cllr Knowles added: “We will be in and around the town over the coming weeks with the petition and shops in the area will be asked to have copies to hand for their customers to sign.”

Cash-squeezed Leicestershire County Council is looking to save £400,000 on public transport.