Video: Otters fight for territory

The back of the supermarket Lidl in Harborough seems an unlikely place to capture some Sir David Attenborough style footage of wildlife, but this was the scene of an otter fight caught on camera by a Harborough man.

James Burman (22), a cleaner who lives and works in Harborough had heard about the otters that were supposedly setting up home in the river next to the supermarket car park.



A former volunteer at Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital in Kibworth, James enjoys filming wildlife and aspires to one day be a professional wildlife cameraman.

He said: “The otter footage came about after I planned the night before to go out and see if I could track them down as I had never seen wild otters before and had really wanted to see them for a long time.

“I headed out before sunrise and saw the two juveniles behind Lidl and then their play fight turned into more of a territorial fight.”