Scores of people defy Storm Dennis to pour into Harborough Repair Café

Scores of hardy people defied Storm Dennis to pour into Market Harborough Repair Café on Saturday (Feb 15).

Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 11:30 am
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

They headed to the Congregational Church on Bowden Lane from all over the town and beyond to give thrilled organisers their best day ever.

Harborough Repair Café joined up with at least 70 others across the UK to mount the Big Fix 2020 event.

Suzanne Indigo, who helped to stage the spectacular here, said: “We had our busiest day ever - the storm didn't put people off at all.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“Most people arrived in the first two hours.”

She added: “We even had keen people queuing down the corridor before 10am waiting to get in!”

Suzanne said at least 80 items were taken in to be repaired.

“That’s 20 more than our last event.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“So far we’ve carried out 31 total repairs.

“But two books were taken away by our book binder John to be repaired.

“So it’s likely we’ll tot up over 33 total repairs,” said Suzanne.

“Eight others had reached the end of their lives while the rest are partial repairs or awaiting parts.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“Not all repairs can be completed on the day.

“So some people were given advice on parts they need to purchase for a future repair.

“Some were referred on to specialists.

“We had an amazing 66-year-old doll brought in already dismantled.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“Our fixer has suggested the owner takes it to a doll hospital as she needs specialist care.

“But if it proves to be too expensive to repair professionally our fixers June and Cate have offered to do what they can and will also make the doll new clothes!”

She said June and Cate also worked on a grand old teddy bear dating back to 1953.

“The owner who brought him in has had him from new.

“He used to be a growler - he was stuffed with wood shavings and wool.

“June and Cate tried to repair the growler but it was too far gone so they made him a ‘heart’ to replace the broken part,” said Suzanne.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“We had a small coffee table that had been made by the owner’s grandfather over 25 years ago and had great sentimental value.

“Our fixer Nick cleaned up the joints and the leg needs to be glued back into place.

“We had bracelets brought in by Rosemary who had bought them on her travels overseas.

“One of them had been purchased in India.

“She was delighted that our jewellery fixers Maggie and Ruthie completed the repairs so she can start wearing them again.

“We also had a 1961 Singer sewing machine which our fixer Roger took home and repaired over the weekend.

“He says it’s now running freely and stitches well.”

Clare Farquhar, who took in a Cointreau lamp, said: "I bought the lamp in an antique shop a couple of years ago.

“It didn't work and we didn't want to get rid of it.

“It’s now working!

“But the wiring is old so I might find myself at the Leicester Hackspace to develop a new skill!

“It was a brilliant morning.

“I was really inspired and very impressed with the Repair Cafe.”

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.