Scores of excited kids go back to school in Market Harborough to see pals and play sport

Scores of excited youngsters have gone back to school early in Market Harborough – to play sport and see their pals again

Friday, 31st July 2020, 4:27 pm
Updated Friday, 31st July 2020, 4:30 pm
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Up to 100 boys and girls aged from five to 10 are taking part in an action-packed sports programme at Little Bowden Primary School on Scotland Road.

Deep into their third week, children have been playing football, cricket and rounders as well as running and racing on the 420-pupil school’s astro turf site.

Philip Clarke, who’s running the four-week scheme with PE teacher Matthew Moir, said: “It’s been a brilliant success.

“I came up with the idea along with Matthew, head Colin Miller and the office staff got behind us and it could hardly have gone any better.”

He said they aimed to help younger kids, especially, reintegrate with their chums after being locked down for so long.

“We wanted to bring pupils back to school and let them mix with their classmates before our school restarts the next academic year in late August.

“We have both done it voluntarily and it’s been great to see our pupils having so much fun – they’ve loved it.

“We have brought in different age groups on different days from Tuesday to Thursday for two hours at a time,” said Philip, who’s taught at Little Bowden school for two years.

“Social distancing is firmly in place and groups are in ‘bubbles’ based on their year groups.

“We are also cleaning and sanitising all the kit and equipment all the time to keep everyone safe.

“Some of our children have not seen each other since March.

“So it’s been an excellent opportunity for them to reconnect with each other, get some fantastic exercise and fresh air and prepare to return to school in August.

“Parents have been very grateful and they are being very supportive too.

“Getting them all together has worked wonders for many children.

“Some may have been apprehensive at first after spending so long at home away from school since the lockdown was imposed in March.

“But now they are asking when they come back and play football or what ever again.

“Even the weather’s been good and the sun has shone.

“We have a school to be proud of here and some great kids and we are looking forward to a very bright future.”