New sighting of the black beast

THE INFAMOUS Black Beast appears to have made a return after a new sighting of the panther-like creature was reported.

A large black labrador-sized animal was seen near Arthingworth.

It was spotted from about 40 metres away through a low-powered telescope on Wednesday, May 2.

The report, made to the Big Cats in Britain group, described the animal as black with white patches on the front.

It was definitely not a dog, said the report.

The incident is the latest in a series of sightings of ‘black beasts’ stalking the Harborough countryside which go back as far as the 1990s.

These include sightings at Arthingworth, Kibworth, East Farndon and in Harborough.

In January schoolgirl Sarah Burdett had a shock when she saw a panther-like creature from her bedroom as it moved from the cover of a hedge off North Lane in Foxton.

Sightings are usually put down to pet leopard, puma or panthers brought into the UK illegally before being released.

Nigel Spencer, of Rutland and Leicestershire Panther Watch, said the sighting was reported to him via the national group.

He told the Mail: “It sounds to me like it was a black leopard.

“It’s certainly not unusual to get reports of sightings in the area. We get reports from Foxton, all along the Welland Valley, Stoughton near Leicester. Gretton is a very common place for sightings.

“There are a number of animals out there. They can cover quite a big area but they tend to plod along so when you get sightings from completely opposite sides of the county within a day or so they must be different animals.”