Market Harborough police and members of the public rescue woman who fell into canal on mobility scooter

A woman was rescued from a canal by members of the public and two Harborough police officers.

Friday, 26th July 2019, 3:32 pm
PC Malc Roberts and Sergeant Gurpreet Mulley

On Wednesday two members of the public - Jo Walton and Lisa Crick - discovered local resident Caroline Ayling who had fallen into a canal on her mobility scooter.

They managing to calm her nerves and keep her head above water while the emergency services were called.

Sergeant Gurpreet Mulley and PC Malc Roberts of Market Harborough Police station were sent to the scene.

The two officers then jumped into the water and lifted Caroline to safety, with further assistance from the original heroes of the hour.

Sergeant Gurpreet Mulley, said: “The work by Jo and Lisa was absolutely amazing, they were in the right place and did everything right. They are true heroes and will be recognised by the force, they saved a life!

“I am all too aware of the dangers of open water from previous experiences as an officer. Therefore, myself and all those in attendance had some urgency and wanted to make sure Caroline was okay.

“Instances such as this reinforce what we already know about Market Harborough. It’s a great place to work and the sense of community spirit and care is amazing.

“We cannot thank or praise highly enough the work from Lisa and Jo.”

Jo Walton, who discovered Caroline while on a lunchtime run with colleague Lisa Crick, said: “We were running along when we noticed a lady on a mobility scooter had fallen into the water. She seemed really shocked and upset.

“I suppose your instincts just take over – I just wanted to help and look after her.

“Lisa jumped in and I rang the police. I then went to meet the officers and bring them to the exact location. It was a real team effort.

“We got the lady out of the water and then waited for the ambulance to arrive.”

Caroline Ayling, was thankful for the work of all involved, she said: “I am very grateful to everyone who helped me. The police officers were fantastic, really good professionals.

“I am okay now, so thank you.”