Harborough's MP warns democracy will be “profoundly undermined” if Parliament does not follow the outcome of the EU referendum

Neil O'Brien MP outside Parliament
Neil O'Brien MP outside Parliament

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien today warned British democracy will be “profoundly undermined” if the UK does not respect the decisive 2016 Brexit vote and quit the European Union.

The angry Conservative MP hit out as Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a general election on October 15 in a bid to smash the Brexit deadlock in the Commons after Remainers and anti-No-Dealers dramatically seized control of Parliament on Tuesday night.

Mr O’Brien said: “In the referendum I voted to leave and the Harborough Constituency also voted in line with the national average to leave - with just over 52 per cent of people here voting to leave.

“It was the biggest democratic vote we have ever had.

“And I think a lot of people, including me, would feel our democracy has been profoundly undermined if we don’t respect that democratic vote and leave.”

He added: “Far and away the best outcome would be to leave with a good deal so we can have the best of both worlds.

“Take back control of our laws, control immigration and stop paying into the (EU) budget.

“But on the other hand keep trade flowing and keep cooperating with our friends in Europe on everything from terrorism to the environment.”

Mr O’Brien vowed to carry on fighting to win a deal with the EU rather than plunge out with no deal.

“I will continue to press for us to leave with a good deal.

“It would be much better for MPs to just get on and Brexit delivered without yet another election,” he said.

“The new government has made a great start with 20,000 more police, more money for the NHS and a big uplift for school funding for Leicestershire.

“Those are big issues we need to be addressing and we can’t keep just debating Brexit forever.”