Harborough MP calls for new super maternity hospital in Leicester

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien has called for a new super maternity hospital in Leicester – days after his baby boy was born.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 11:05 am
Mr OBrien with his baby.

Mr O’Brien, 40, spoke out as he saluted "amazing" staff at Leicester General for going "above and beyond" during the birth of his son Arthur.

The Conservative MP said both he and his wife Jemma, a doctor, were “thrilled” after their second child was born weighing 7lbs 10ozs.

Mr O'Brien said: "My wife and I are incredibly grateful to the really dedicated, kind, and hard-working staff at Leicester General.

“Despite having a huge number of emergencies to deal with the day our son was born they looked after us and give my little baby boy the best possible start in life.

“They really went above and beyond and people worked all day without a break to help fit in people like us.”

He added: “We are really grateful.

“But it's also reinforced why we urgently need to get maternity services at the Royal Infirmary and the General merged into a single new modern maternity hospital.

“The Royal Infirmary has a dedicated list for Caesarean sections but the General doesn't have that.

“So patients can end up having to come back another day or to wait for a very long time.

“Or staff can end up working later and without breaks.

“A single site will help end that.”

Mr O’Brien welcomed the government’s huge new cash boost for Leicestershire’s hospitals.

“As part of the £450 million investment into all local hospitals we will have a new maternity hospital as well as a dedicated new Children's Hospital,” said the MP, who also has a daughter Florence.

“So we will combine the wonderful dedicated staff with great new facilities - and it will be much better for both NHS staff and for patients too."