Harborough farm wins Great Taste award for its slow-grown cockerel

A Fosee Meadows cockerel
A Fosee Meadows cockerel

A Harborough farm has been awarded a three star Good Taste award for one of its products.

Fosse Meadows Farm, near North Kilworth, received the award for its Fosse Slow Grown, Free-Range Cockerel.

Owners of Fosse Meadows Farm Nick Ball and Jacob Sykes said: “We’re naturally delighted (or cock-a-hoop!) that judges at this year’s Great Taste have awarded our cockerel with three stars! It’s fantastic news for our artisan poultry business.

"This three-star award for our traditional, 120-days slow grown, free-range cockerel also means we have been nominated for the coveted Golden Fork Awards - the results of which are announced on September 1.”

Fosse Meadows Farm is a high-welfare, ethical producer of very slow grown, totally free-range poultry on their farm.

This year around 13,000 products were entered into the Great Taste awards, from large manufacturers to small artisan producers like Fosse Meadows Farm.

All products are judged ‘blind’ without any information about the product, in front of rounds of judges, and to award excellence to food that tastes great.

Fosse Meadows’ 120 day Cockerel has achieved a three-star award after rounds of judging by up to 40 people and of the 13,000 product entries only 208 three-stars were awarded this year.