Call for meeting to discuss Market Harborough’s traffic


Traffic in Market Harborough needs to be addressed says a councillor calling for a meeting to discuss the issues.

Congestion, on-street parking and other issues are causing residents concern, and probably adding to air quality issues says Cllr Phil Knowles.

He wants to have a round table meeting with officers from the county council’s highways department, along with councillors covering the town, to try and find a way to address the problems.

Cllr Knowles said he is calling on senior officers at Harborough District Council to help facilitate the meeting which would also include the nine district councillors and two county councillors whose areas cover the town.

Cllr Knowles said: “There is an urgent need to address these issues, to find a way forward for improving traffic management and just how we can ease the community concerns.

“Residents have spoken to me and I know that Cllr Peter James has had a similar set of worries and frustrations raised with him.

“Traffic issues are also almost certainly impacting on air quality issues and climate concerns so the urgency on all of this is clear and the benefits are widespread and potentially huge.”

‘Improving traffic management’ covers a wide range of solutions – it could mean clearer signs to direct traffic along higher capacity roads, tweaks to existing traffic lights, or the installation of new lights or roundabouts.