Paintballers get all tanked up with T72!

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A tank paintball arena in Husbands Bosworth has celebrated a new arrival – a fearsome Soviet-era T72 tank,

Armourgeddon took delivery of the tank last week in time for the tank paintball season, which begins on April 1.

The T72 entered service with the Soviet army in 1973 and a total of 30,000 of them were produced.

Stuart Garner, owner of Armourgeddon, said: “The T72 has been on our wish list for as long as we can remember. Having a tank in the collection of this calibre that is still in active duty around the globe adds another dimension to the collection at Armourgeddon and we are delighted to have tracked down and received delivery of this Russian powerhouse. “

In addition to the museum collection, there are a fleet of FV432s at Armourgeddon, which are used in Tank Paintball Battles. Visitors learn to drive the tank around the track in battle conditions and then enter into a battle with another tank, shooting paint-filled Ping-Pong balls from a cannon fixed atop the FV432.

Military driving experiences can also be taken.

The museum at Armourgeddon stretches across three hangers and houses a wide selection of tanks and military vehicles from a world famous Sherman to a Centurion, a Bell 47 helicopter to an Opel Blitz, a T54 to a Challenger.

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